We lead mobility innovation with smart city infrastructure


Environment friendly Maas( Mobility as a Service) that is compatible with traditional public

transport becomes the novel smart city solution that can resolve issues with dockless sharing Micro Mobility. 

We provide reliable smart city service with patented technologies. 

Smart City Solution


DASH Service Status

  • Magok district ​
    8 stations

  • Gangdong district
    10 stations

Currently, we have total of 18 stations within Magok district and Gangdong district of Seoul City. 

With services starting from Nov 2020, we will expand to all districts of Seoul within 2021.

You can also meet DASH in Gangneung and Jeju, famous tourist attractions.


​DASH Demonstration Service

Seoul Smart City Demonstration Supported Project

July, 2020 - Nov


Micro mobility based on LTE, Docking type charging station


Gangdong district

Hosted by Seoul Digital Foundation(SDF)

목업 백그라운드.jpeg

Smart City Green Station Service

Sep, 2020 - Aug, 2021


Micro mobility based on LTE, Docking type charging station, Environmental Sensor, Greening System


Gangseo district, Magok district

Hosted by Seoul Housing Corporation(SH)